Puff pastry is so amazing! Yes I have to say, it’s really amazing and versatile, it is so useful…in cooking. I can’t imagine my life without puff pastry, especially one of the traditional Czech pastry Apple strudel would not even exist, if puff pastry wouldn’t exist!

There is so many ways how you can use puff pastry. You can have sweet variations, salty, creamy, fruity, cheesy, you can use vegetables, whipped creams, jams, anything you find at home can be thrown on puff pastry and you will always feel like a chef, when creating and working with puff pastry. It is that easy!

These Parmesan sticks might be made as a salty sticks as well  (just use coarse salt instead of Parmesan) or you throw on these sticks caraway seeds, sweet paprika powder, blue cheese…etc. As I said before, the limit is your imagination!

So before you go to the food store and you will be reaching for soda crackers…..think twice…. hm today I could make something by myself. And I couldn’t even impress my guests or just my boyfriend/girlfriend. Yes, that’s the moment, when you say no,  I am not buying already made sticks, crackers….no, “I will prepare them by myself” these fresh, crunchy Parmesan sticks. Don’t forget to buy a good wine, it is an excellent accompaniment to these Parmesan sticks…or it’s the other way around…the sticks are an excellent accompaniment to the wine!! 😀

Here is the recipe:



  • 454g of puff pastry (2x doughs in the package)
  • 100g Parmesan shredded
  • 1 egg


  1. Preheat oven on 180C/375F.
  2. Flour your working surface, roll out both puff pastry dough, each approx. 30 cm x 30 cm (12″ x 12″).
  3. Beat the egg and wash the dough with the egg along the whole surface.
  4. Sprinkle desired amount of Parmesan over the dough.
  5. Cut in desired shapes, waves, straight lines (1 cm/0.39″ apart), you can cut out hearts, whatever shape you desire.
  6. Bake for 10-15 min or until golden brown.
  7. Let cool down on the baking sheets.
  8. Serve.

You can use caraway seeds and salt instead of Parmesan. You might also want to twist the sticks. In this case if you are using the rolled out dough, you just simply fold the dough in half and then you cut straight lines, which you take in your hands and twist. If you are using the normal dough, roll it out in the square of 15 cm x 15 cm (6″x 6″).

Hope you are enjoying now these delicious Parmesan stick. Let me know, how much you liked them and how you enjoyed the compliments from your guests or your family.

Enjoy it or Bon Appetit!



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