Hi guys❤😊,

I am so happy, because this month I am celebrating 1 year of my food blog 🎉and at the same time #4k followers on my Instagram account @juliarecipes. I am speechless, because I cannot believe, that this is really happening having already 1 year of food blogging behind me. It’s like a dream come true and this dream continues and grow even bigger, then I expected. It truly means a lot to me and I thank you and appreciate your loyalty and interest in my food/recipe blog. Without all of you, this would not be possible.😍

Giveaway on my  Instagram page!


At the whole beginning, I was creating only simple recipe website, where I would just simply share ingredients and instructions, but that quickly had changed, because each of my recipes has a story and I couldn’t just keep it for myself 😊 so I am sharing my foodie stories with you as well. It seems like you do not mind, so I will continue to write down how why and how come I came up with that or this kind of recipe 😉

For those who might be browsing for the first time on my blog, I am going to re-introduce myself…

Hi, I am Julia….

I have a weak spot for donuts 🙂

Hello my new dear reader, I am Julia and love to eat 😋😋…eh and cook and take pictures what I cook at the same time. I always loved to cook, since I was little, always being a big gourmand, enjoying mostly desserts, yes that is my biggest weakness, and basically whatever you will get in front of me, I would eat that 😊👌 I have always been around the kitchen, behind my mom, trying to get a peak, of what we would be eating for Sunday lunch. My passion for cooking disappeared a bit during my teenage years…you know how it is…hormone changes and interests and passions turns 360 degree 🤣😀 travelling and friends kept me out of the kitchen for some time. And I am glad for that, because I have had a fab time in my life, I still was having little splurge kitchen time over the weekends, but not as much as I do now.  And then I got back into full cooking mode once I got married and moved out of my parents house. This was a heaven…having my own kitchen was the best, that could have ever happened to me!!👩‍🍳👏 So I started to explore new recipes, fixing or remodeling my old recipes and it was just my life back then.

Me creating St-Patrick’s little cakes

Back then internet wasn’t that popular, Facebook, WordPress or Instagram didn’t even exist back then…eh this makes me feel old 🙆‍♀️ Oh Gosh, I am not that old😂, it’s the evolution of electronics and medias, which just rocket sky in last 10 years, crazy isn’t that? At that time, I wasn’t even that much interested in photography, it was more my husband, who loves nature photography and who started to seek for better quality cameras to achieve better results in photography.  But this was actually the first time (10 years ago), where I got interested of taking pictures of my food. Mostly it was my cakes, I love sweet and everything related to sweets, cakes, pastries, name it and I love it and I love making it as well.

Here is some of my cake creations.

I think, that my biggest passion is in decorating cakes, I have always been asking myself, why I didn’t go into that business instead of food blogging.  The answer is, that I am very versatile, I love experimenting and one field wouldn’t be enough for me. I love to create nice fancy risotto plate as much as I love to create my kids birthday cakes. Oh now I lost myself a bit, where was I? Yes, so what am I trying to say, is that, the exposure of food blogging wasn’t that big or the popularity wasn’t that big back in early 2000. Honestly, I started to learn a bit more about the blogging platforms only like 8 years ago, and at that time I was so busy with my little twins, that it was impossible for me thinking of blogging and writing recipes at that time, even though this idea has been already on my mind😃.


So after all those years of yes or no, no time, kids time, work time and, where my friends and family were complimenting me on my creations so much, that it had started to dig a big hole in my brain🤣, I decided to open this blog 😊. And it was the best decision ever!! I am so blessed to be surrounded by my loving family and fans, who believes in me, that this all is giving me so much motivation and power to continue and create more of my delicious recipes ❤ I thank you again for your BIG SUPPORT!!😘



So, as a BIG THANK you for all your support and loyal following I am throwing a GIVEAWAY on my Instagram account @juliarecipes. Please go and check all the info on my Instagram. If you’d like to enter pls go on my IG account, follow, like and tag 2 of your best buddies to win the prize!!🎉🎁

Giveaway time on Instagram

🎉 GIVEAWAY TIME!🎉 I have reaches #4k guys and this all thanks to all of you!!!!🎇💗I want to celebrate this special time with you and give back in sweet style of Hershey’s treats😍 As a🎉 BIG THANK YOU🎉 I am going to share with you some of my favorite sweet treats from Hershey’s. The lucky winner will receive this box full of sweet treats 👌😋Here’s how to enter:

1. You need to follow me @juliarecipes 💗
2. Like this post! 🌸
3. Tag 2 other friends in the comments that would love to win sweet Hershey’s treats as much as you would! 💕
🔸 Giveaway is opened to US & Canada residents.
🔸Giveaway will run until next Friday April 27th @10PM EST.                                               🔸The lucky winner will be chosen random and will be announced April 28th and contacted by DM.                                                                                                                                🔸Must be following all rules in order to win. Extra entries are allowed (not duplicates please).                                                                                                                                                  🔸You can share this giveaway on your IG feeds and stories and tag #juliarecipesgiveaway for better chance to win💗 🔺Instagram and Hershey’s are not associated with this giveaway event, you can’t hold them responsible for anything. By entering this giveaway, you agree to Instagram’s terms and conditions. You will receive the items listed and no exchange or cash in replacement for any of the items🔺

Yours Julia 💗


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