Grilled pineapple🍍 a la Brazil


written by @juliarecipes


You must have heard at least once in your life about amazing Brazilian grilled pineapple, covered in sugar-cinnamon glaze. If you haven’t heard, then you are hearing about it now and if you have never tried, then oh my you gotta try this.😋


I won’t lie to you, it was my first time trying to grill pineapple on BBQ and I loved it. Super easy for the family or friends summer gathering, where you don’t need to bake a dessert, because you will be grilling it.


The sugar-cinnamon glaze is so flavorful, it caramelize lightly on the BBQ, slightly crunchy on the edges, oh yum and if you add a scoop of your favorite ice cream, let me tell you, I was in heaven 😉 I had this peanut-chocolate ice cream, what you can see on the pictures, so I didn’t needed to drizzle the chocolate over the pineapple, but I think it would be the greatest idea, if you could just drizzle a bit of chocolate over that grilled pineapple.


Si simply, I am going to jump into it, how to make Brazilian grilled pineapple covered in sugar-cinnamon glaze. You will definitely need one washed pineapple, cut into wedges. It is not necessary to keep the skin on, as I did (you can see on the pictures), but I liked it much better with the skin on, because it gives a nice touch to the dessert, with natural green leaves and the skin on, it sort of defines the dessert. But if you wish to remove the skin from your pineapple, it’s fine.


You will need to remove the inner core, make the wedge of pineapple stand on one side and slice away the inner part. Usually I remove 1 inch, you can even see the inner core, it is the lightest and hardest part inside the pineapple. If you won’t remove exactly all the inner core, no worries, we will grill it, so it will tender by the heat.


Once you pineapple is cleaned of inner core, you can apply the mixture of sugar and cinnamon. Mix it first in the medium bowl and apply it with your hand on the pineapple. Now it’s time to grill it. Get ready, that your grill will get slightly messy, because of the sugar-cinnamon mixture. Sugar will melt on the pineapple and few will stick to your grill. But no panic, it is easy to remove it afterwards, you simple heat the BBQ until it burns (darken) and then you clean it with your usual brush for BBQ.


Once your pineapple is grilled to your desired texture (harder or softer), then you will cut it in slices, but don’t cut completely through the skin. Then slide your knife right above the skin (see on the picture), you slide your knife from left side then from the right side, to ease the slice of pineapple from the skin. And this is it, voila your Brazilian grilled pineapple is ready to be served.



Preparation time: 20 minutes⭐  cooking time: 30 minutes⭐ servings: 4 persones




  • 1 pineapple, halved or cut into wedges
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 tsp cinnamon


  1. Wash and prepare your pineapple in desired shape, I used wedges and kept the leaves on.
  2. In a bowl, combine brown sugar and cinnamon.
  3. Cover the pineapple, with the mixture and refrigerate for 30 minutes .
  4. Preheat grill to medium heat and add pineapple in the grill skin down; grill for 15 minutes, covered
  5. Lower the heat to minimum and turn the pineapple on the other side; grill covered for another 10 -15 minutes. Check the pineapple often, so it doesn’t burn and turn it, so it’s grilled from all sides.
  6. Remove from BBQ and cut the slices and serve hot immediately with big scoop of ice cream…mmm it will melts slowly in your mouth. Enjoy it!



8 thoughts on “Grilled pineapple🍍 a la Brazil

  1. This looks awesome. I will try this next day at my friends home. Your blog is superb that’s the reason i started following you superb blog. Keep sharing more inspiring post. I hope too see you soon on my blog as a follower and as a reader. Thanks.


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