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Hi there, I am Julia! I am the one and only who runs this blog Julia Recipes. Very much nice to meet you and welcome to my blog about great love for food & food photography!


Let me tell you a bit about my blog and me.  I started this blog back in Summer 2016, because of my big passion for cooking and particularly baking. I am very much the DIY girl and kitchen self learner with a simple vision of homemade meals, prepared with fresh & local ingredients. I have never taken any cooking or baking courses and I learned how to cook from my mom, grandmother and YouTube hahaha, yes YouTube is excellent source for any kind of DIY and I have a few video recipes there as well. You can check it by clicking here.  Big part of my blog, will encourage you to try start cooking and baking yourself. And why ? Because it is so much fun! And I am hoping to transfer this passion for  homemade cooking and baking on you as well!!


I am a girl with sweet tooth! If  “ever” you would want to make me happy, then Crème Brulé as a simple treat would hit the note. I live in Canada, not far away from Montreal, the city of poutinebagels and smoked meat. I am married and I have two beautiful kids (twins – boy & girl- how lucky I am). My family & this blog (along with Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms) keeps me non-stop busy, pretty much all day long 🙂


While you will be browsing through my blog, you will find all my favourite, homemade recipes, I love to cook or bake. I focus on traditional homemade cooking with modern healthy-ish twists. And because, I am a girl with sweet tooth, my blog offers plenty of sweet recipes and my famous Christmas cookies. I also have a FREE EBOOK with my 10 favourite Christmas cookies.

Last, but not least…. I have a special sections dedicated to Czech cuisine, because of my origins! I was born and raised in the Czech Republic. I am trying to keep this tradition of Czech cooking in my household, as well as transfer this tradition onto my kids.



I have a big passion for food photography. And because I am in the food photography for little over two years, I have gathered some material and experience during my food photography journey. I would like to share some tips & tricks with you, about food photography here as well. For now the section is still in development, but soon you will be able to learn with/from me, how to take pictures of your delicious food, of course, with professional camera.

Thank you so much for dropping by here on my blog! If you have any questions or suggestions for this blog, please contact me.

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Happy cooking,

Yours Julia!