Lemon pound cake

This easy Lemon Pound Cake with Lemon sauce drizzle is perfect for Sunday afternoon coffee. It is moist, zesty and simply delicious! And it includes step-by-step recipe video! Lemon flavors are very popular in my family. We love this zing in our afternoon coffee cakes. This is why you find on my blog that many […]

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New York Levain bakery style chocolate chip cookies

New York Levain bakery style chocolate chip cookies

You will go “holly molly” I need to make these giant, chubby chocolate chip cookies asap! Yes it’s the famous Levain bakery chocolate chip recipe, that everyone goes crazy over. The load of chocolate in chewy gooey giant cookie is over and beyond I have ever tasted.   Do you see that great amount of […]

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chocolate babka with almond filling

This traditional sweet bread has become one of my favourite afternoon coffee cake. Sweet swirls of filling with chocolate and almond paste are just the perfect addition and compliments perfectly the sweet dough.   Babka What is babka? You must have seen on Pinterest or Instagram thousands of pictures of beautifully risen sweet bread with […]

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Nutella Puff Pastry Twists

Not much of a time for getting some sweet treats for Valentine’s Day?  Or just loving simple and quick recipes for crunchy sweet bite of puff pastry and Nutella® hazelnut spread? Then this is exactly what you are looking for. We will be making the simplest and pretty delicious dessert in a matter of few […]

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Nutella swirl Cheesecake

The best CHEESECAKE EVER is the one with Nutella. And because the February 5th is #WordNutellaDay what better occasion, then this one to make this delicious and smooth Nutella swirl cheesecake. And it’s no bake. If you are somebody, who loves ultra smooth cheesecakes, with graham crackers base and extra thick Nutella swirl on the […]

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Valentine's chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes are always a big win in my family. And when I fill them with cherry filling, then it must be the Valentine’s time ❤!! Yeah, the time when we love everybody and everything and chocolate and sweets are all over the house. Let’s indulge in this lovely moment and make chocolate cupcakes with […]

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Sweet coconut flavoured candy balls. Perfect edible gift for your loved ones. Requires as little as 3 ingredients and are done in less than 15 minutes. Isn’t this best idea of sweet treat? The best sweet candy treat made in the comfort of your home. Does this sound exciting to you? I bet it does. […]

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Coconut macaroons are full of sweet coco nutty flavours and are dipped in dark chocolate to balance the sweetness of coconut. These are very similar to meringue cookies, with the difference of adding semi-sweet shredded coconut in the batter. My mom always made these for the Christmas table, so didn’t see these cookies during the […]

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pumpkin pie recipe

Rich, smooth, bursting with flavor from the homemade pumpkin spice, is this best pumpkin pie recipe ever. With little addition of special ingredients and adjustment of my favourite flavors, this become my favourite desert for Thanksgiving or any other holiday. I need to confess here. I have never been a huge fan of pumpkin pie, […]

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pumpkin donuts doughnuts

These delicious, soft and fluffy pumpkin donuts are my next favourite to pumpkin spice latte (PSL). And the best combo for fall is, those two together. And I got you covered, because both of these recipes are right in here, on my blog. These pumpkin donuts are fried donuts, thus are fluffier and softer. I […]

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